Meera Sharma

Interview with Meera Sharma
Young and talented british fashion designer...Meera's creations are innovative, strong and timeless.
Monday, October 29, 2012

Today I introduce you to a young and talented british fashion designer: Meera Sharma. Meera´s creations are innovative, strong and timeless. A black dressed powerfull superhero female the inspiration behind her fashion, leather plastics and taffeta the fabric which translate at best her vision. Darkness, power and a modern strong femininity, what I see in Meera´s fashion…
Enjoy the interview!


Where are you from and how old are you?
I am originally from the North of England, Lancashire, but moved to London to pursue a career in fashion. I am 24 going on 25…..

You are a recent fashion design graduate, can you tell us a bit about your experience and background working in the fashion industry.
Yes I recently graduated and held my graduate show as part of the prestigious Westminster fashion show, were I debut by collection. Previous to this I have participated in a variety of work experience placements which included working with magazines and designers such as Jonathan Saunders.

Where did your passion for fashion stem from? Was it from childhood or has it developed more recently?
I have always had a passion for fashion, from a young age whether it was designing clothes for my barbie dolls or just observing people’s fashion sense be it on the road or on TV. It has developed from that and then doing my degree enhanced it more also.

Your collection was all black. How much do you love black and why?
I decided to do an all black collection because black is a colour that is timeless it will always be in fashion and can work with any colour. The colour also fitted in with the inspiration behind my collection, which is based on the powerful female superhero. Black is a powerful colour and translated my vision well.

Any other colors you like to indulge with?
I actually love colours, my favourite colour is in fact pink!

What about the fabrics you use in your collection? They are all very shiny, imperative and plastics…
Yeah again I wanted my fabrics to translate the powerful vibe from my inspiration. I used leathers, plastics and taffeta fabrics as they translated my vision over well.

What´s the inspiration behind your collection? When I look at them I see a strong statement, for strong women with personality…
Yes you are completely right. My clothing are for powerful women who are not afraid to be themselves and express themselves. The inspiration behind my collection came from my love of comic books. I love the female superhero’s and developed this idea into my collection. I am looking at the two personalities to this woman, on one hand she is a superhero but on the other she is a normal woman, I translated this into my collection with the various layers and the cut out fabrics, and the fact the garments can change shape.

Regarding the design of the clothing you seem to use a lot of drapes, why is this?
I think drapes are quite sexy as when they are done correctly they can add that sex appeal and femininity to women, so I wanted to add this as to me the female superhero is quite sexy as well as being powerful.

With few adjectives how do you describe your fashion?
Sexy, powerful and innovative!

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