Meera Sharma

Estyler magazine interview Meera Sharma
Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tell us about your time at Westminster. What was the most valuable lesson you learnt?
My time at Westminster was great; I developed a lot, not only as a designer but as a person also. The most valuable lesson I learnt was probably a lot more about fashion design and also the industry as a whole.

What inspired your final year collection?
My final year collection was inspired by the Female Superhero, who to me is the ultimate woman; strong, sexy and not afraid to stand up for what is right.

Fashion is tough - what do you do to keep yourself sane?
Yes, fashion is indeed a tough industry. People often think that it is really glamorous, but it is a lot of hard work - and I mean a lot. You have to be willing to give all your time to it. My family and friends have certainly kept me sane as, for the past few months, I have become completely engrossed with fashion.

What did you do to get a placement at Jonathan Saunders?
Getting my placement at Jonathan Saunders was a very easy process; I just sent off my CV and got a reply within a few weeks!

What does the future hold for Meera?
Ultimately, I want to set up my own label that has offices in Los Angeles, New York and watch this space!

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